Memoirs of Solidarity

Memoirs of Solidarity

A film about solidarity

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Memoirs of Solidarity

Memoirs of Solidarity

A film about solidarity

An inspirational movie

About a trip to visit those making a difference in the world, shot in four continents: America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The Researchers

Travelled during four years visiting social and solidarity economy initiatives across the globe!

Learning about

the contributions of these initiatives by improving the lives of disadvantaged communities.

About The Researchers

About The Researchers

Sara Calvo and Andres Morales began travelling in 2012 looking for solutions around the world. Since then, they have travelled to more than 34 countries visiting social and solidarity economy initiatives.

About Us

We are lovers of travelling and fascinated by finding new stories along the way.

Sara Calvo

Director, Researcher and Interviewer

Is the co-founder of Living in Minca and is currently working as a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University in London. She is a visual ethnographer and a certified social enterprise business consultant.


Living in Minca


Is an international platform established in 2012 as an initiative to promote social enterprises, social innovation and the social and solidarity economy around the world.

Andres Morales

Director, Cinematographer and Sound Engineer

is the Director and co-founder of Living in Minca. He is a researcher at the Open University, currently completing his PhD about indigenous communities and the social and solidarity economy in Colombia using participatory visual research.

The Crew

Written and directed by: Sara Calvo and Andres Morales
Cinematography: Andres Morales
Creative Editing: Yanni Zikidis
Researcher and Interviewer: Sara Calvo
Sound Editing: Andres Morales
Animation: Erika Gonzales
Voice Over: Shannon Elizabeth Fadal
Produced by: Living in Minca

The book

The book

Social and Solidarity Economy: “The world’s economy with a social face”

The Book

Based on four years of fieldwork and visits to more than a hundred social and solidarity economy initiatives in thirty-four countries worldwide.

The Book

This book

Using video case studies from around the world, this book help to raise awareness of the social and solidarity economy and contribute to academia with a critical approach to the sector.


Why and how these projects start and develop in their particular contexts. Written in an academic style is intended for both the general public and students and scholars, the book is published by Routledge.

can be purchased

On the publisher’s website or through many other online retailers such as The content displayed in the pages of this website was produced to accompany the book, which is published in both paper and electronic versions.


You can host a screening and we would love it if you did so. Contact us with the details of your proposed screening and include when and where your screening will be held, how many people are expected to attend, and whether you’ll be charging admission.

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Support us

Support us

We are supporting grassroots social and solidarity economy initiatives worldwide with consultancy and capacity building support and educational programmes for disadvantaged communities in deprived areas. We would be grateful to take your contributions and put it toward our goal to support grassroots social and solidarity economy initiatives worldwide!


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The Butterfly project

The Butterfly Project

Published on April 24 by isabel Category: africa Tags: , , , , ,

The Butterfly Project is an unique project in Uganda, which trains up young people from the most remote rural villages and disadvantaged urban slum districts to become social entrepreneurs in Uganda, positioning them to play a leading role in nation building.

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Published on April 24 by isabel Category: asia Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Eco-Maximus is a social enterprise established in Sri Lanka in 1997 by Thusitha Ranasinghe. The aim of Eco-Maximus is to enhance conservation, primarily that of the Sri Lankan elephants. Eco-Maximus uses the ‘Elephant Dung’ to produce paper and raise awareness to the tragic circumstances that surround the Sri Lankan Elephants. The company is improving the socio-economic situation that currently restricts under privileged people living in the rural area employing around 40 people in Pinawella.

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Published on April 24 by isabel Category: europe Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Ekhi is a complementary currency established in Bilbao, Spain. It was created to empower the local community and offer a monetary alternative to the city and the region. It is actually innovative as there is a lot of strategies to be successfully on the market.

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Waste Pickers of Colombia

Published on April 24 by isabel Category: latin-america Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Millions of people worldwide make a living collecting, sorting, recycling, and selling materials that someone else has thrown away. Vital actors in the informal economy, waste pickers provide widespread benefits to their communities, their municipalities and the environment. For the past 22 years, the waste pickers of Colombia have been fighting for recognition of their work. “There are no borders for those who fight,” is the slogan that symbolizes the struggle of the more than 15 million waste pickers, who are facing global threats – against their lives, organization and towards the environment.

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The Bristol Pound

Published on April 24 by isabel Category: europe Tags: , , , , , , , ,

The Bristol Pound is a complementary currency that emerged in the city of Bristol. The Bristol Pound is the UK’s first city wide local currency, the first to have electronic accounts managed by a regulated financial institution, and the first that can be used to pay some local taxes. The Bristol Pound is run as a not-for-profit partnership between the Bristol Pound Community Interest Company and Bristol Credit Union.

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brixton pund

The Brixton Pound

Published on April 24 by isabel Category: europe Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Brixton Pound (B£) is money that sticks to Brixton. It’s designed to support Brixton businesses and encourage local trade and production. It’s a complementary currency, working alongside (not replacing) pounds sterling, for use by independent local shops and traders. The B£ gives local traders and customers the chance to get together to support each other and maintain the diversity of the high street and strengthen pride in Brixton.

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Sapa O’Chau

Published on April 24 by isabel Category: asia Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

A grass roots community development project helping Sapa’s children and young people gain fair access to education and employment that organises authentic, responsible treks and homestays in Sapa, Vietnam. Sapa O’Chau consists of a busy trekking company, a cafe, a handicraft shop and a boarding facility with enrichment lessons conducted by volunteers. The trekking business is staffed by ex-students and other young people from the local communities.

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Sheroes Café

Sheroes Café

Published on April 10 by isabel Category: asia Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Sheroes Hangout is a café in Agra, India, founded to empower acid attack survivors. It is the world’s first café chain run by female acid attack survivors. The café opened in December 2014 and was founded by Stop Acid Attacks, a New Delhi-based nonprofit. Sheroes aims to create awareness about acid attacks and to foster confidence in acid attack survivors.

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Azizi Life

Azizi Life

Published on April 10 by isabel Category: africa Tags: , , , , ,

Azizi is a Swahili word that means ‘precious,’ ‘treasured’ or ‘excellent’ and it is our belief that every person’s life is Azizi. In September 2008 Azizi Life was registered as an independent business in Rwanda, and began trading.

Azizi Life sells some of the most beautiful handmade products in the world, sales are not actually their primary purpose.

Azizi life uses art to give you the opportunity to meet and get to know some amazing artists and their communities there in Rwanda, and they give the artists the opportunity to connect to a much larger market.

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Published on June 26 by admin Category: asia Tags: , , , , ,

A fair-trade certified handloom company that engages the traditional Sri Lankan community of handloom weavers in bringing to you products handmade with 100% cotton and infinite measures of skill and devotion.

The tradition of the loom takes its roots at the very inception of Sri Lankan history. Today the industry faces decline due to various reasons ranging from the lack of skilled experience, uncompetitive market prices, outdated designs and lack of infrastructure and technology.

Selyn takes on this challenge to revive their heritage and extend its benefits to their rural women and men. Their fundamental values stems from the very foundation of their organization. They are primarily committed to quality and to innovative design.

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citizens foundation

Citizens Foundation

Published on June 26 by admin Category: europe Tags: , , , , , , ,

An organisation based in Reykjavík, Iceland and founded under Icelandic law. Its purpose is to promote electronic collaborative democracy around the globe and to develop the software needed for that purpose.

Its formation can be traced back to the Icelandic financial crash in 2008 when development of the software started although the Foundation itself wasn’t formally founded until 2010.

The main focus has been on developing a web based democracy tool called Open Active Democracy (OAD), which it uses for its democracy building projects which are: Better Reykjavík, Shadow Parliament (Iceland only) and the international project Your Priorities.

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Circo para todos

Circo Para Todos

Published on June 26 by admin Category: latin-america Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Circo Para Todos (Circus for All) is a non-profit organization created in Cali, Colombia, in 1995. Its mission is to support the social and economic integration into society of disadvantaged children and youth. By teaching them the circus arts as a profession, Circo Para Todos aims to empower them and offer a positive future path.

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Al Rowaad

Published on June 26 by admin Category: asia Tags: , , , ,

The Al Rowwad Cultural and Theater Training Center is an independent non-political and non-governmental association in the Aida refugee camp in Bethelhem, Palestine.

Al Rowwad was founded in 1998 by Abdelfattah Abusrour as an essential way to give children a means for self-expression and resilience under the harsh realities of the Israeli occupation.

Alrowwad, initiator of “Beautiful Resistance,” is an independent, dynamic, community-based not-for-profit organization which strives to empower children and women by targeting behavior, knowledge, concepts and practices through creative and non-violent means.

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